Japanese Beauty Products

Talking about the Japanese women, the first thing that strikes the mind is their glowing skin. They have unique skin texture that makes them look younger than what they actually are. Of course, genetics may be the reason for their inherent charm and glamour. Other than the genetic legacy they carry, Japanese health care products also contribute to their overall beauty. Japan is flooded with a shower of cosmetics. There are Japanese skin care products, facial masks, Japanese hair care products and many more getting a charming appearance. This article aims to let you know about the premises of the Japanese Beauty Products regimen.
What are Japanese Beauty Products?
Japan is the home of envying beauties. How do the Japanese women look so young and beautiful is a question that everyone likes to have an answer. The secret of the beauty of the Japanese women lies in the cosmetics they use for enhancing their appearance. Although Japan is the second largest cosmetic market in the world, their beauty products have some specialty. Unlike the cosmetic products available in other parts of the world, the Japanese beauty products never add a makeup to your skin but improve it from inside out through proper caring. The Japanese women believe in the wise saying ‘you are what you eat’ and, therefore believes that lasting beauty can be achieved through lifestyle and not projects.

Japanese Beauty Products

Premise of the Japanese Beauty Products
The Japanese believe in simplicity and subtleness and for that their beauty products also focus on these aspects. They believe in getting oiled up for deep moisturizing and cleansing purposes and also prefer to avoid sun by using hats and umbrellas, rather than using sunscreen lotions. Here are some of Japanese Beauty Products secrets that you should know.
1. Exfoliation is a prime consideration
The entire Japanese beauty care products are based on exfoliation. Smooth and glowing skin is considered as the mark of feminine beauty among the Japanese women and to achieve this they go for exfoliation of the skin so that it does dry up. They also remove deed skins with finely ground Azuki beans and exfoliate the skin natural oils and moisturizers.
2. Taking skin care
Japanese women are obsessed with their beauty. But, they are for taking care of their skin, rather than adding makeup and fragrances. These products are made from natural substances like rice bran, camellia oil, varieties of seaweeds etc. They clean their skin with soaps like Yomogi and charcoal soap that are free from additives and do not dissolve the natural oil of the skin. They also take herbal teas for beautifying the skin.
3. Applying facial masks
Using lotion mask is another secret of the Japanese Beauty Products. In old days the Japanese women used damp a kimono silk with flower extracts and placed it over their face for masking. This is still in practice, and the present day Japanese beauties use different facial masks. These are rich in nutrients, natural moisturizing agents, anti-oxidants and helps in cleansing, toning and reducing skin blemishes.

Japanese Beauty Products4. Caring the hairs

The Japanese are not in favor of using hair care products containing harsh chemicals. Instead, they use natural products as much as possible. They follow a minimalist approach of washing hairs twice a week only, and they apply paste made from seaweed powder and water on the hairs instead of shampoo. This is rich in minerals and iodine and thus, helps healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss as well. Conditioning is done using camellia oil and besides these, regular grooming of hairs with wooden combs is done to make those beautiful and attractive.

5. Taking body care
Cleansing; cleansing and cleansing are the three basic steps of Japanese body care regimen. In Japan bathing is something like ritual. They love to bathe for relaxation and for improving their beauty. They clean their body with a wash cloth called ‘Garaboseki’ and take verities of herbal baths. Mostly they take Hinoki bath, Green tea bath, Yuzu Herbal Bath and Yomogi Leaves bath. y take Hinoki bath, Green tea bath, Yuzu Herbal Bath and Yomogi Leaves bath.